Residential Treatment in California for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Are you struggling with addiction?  If you have found yourself controlled by a substance like alcohol or drugs, you are not alone.  Millions of people have turned to substances as a way to cope with life and ended up discovering that drugs and alcohol instead made things worse in the long run.

Residential treatment facilities in California have worked with many everyday people and celebrities, with much privacy and discretion, to help them escape the endless cycle of addiction.  You do not need to suffer in silence and you are not alone.  There is hope and there is help.  Do not feel ashamed about getting treatment, as it is one of the bravest and easiest choices you will ever make.

“How Do I Know If I Need Treatment?”

Have you been thinking that you do not have a problem, but everyone else other than your drug or alcohol buddies is telling you that you do?  Obviously, those who are partying with you are not going to want you to recognize that you are destroying yourself through substance abuse.  If you have a number of people who are saying they have noticed a decline in your appearance, well-being or lifestyle, you have a problem whether you realize it or not.

The unfortunately thing is that many people do not realize they need residential treatment until it has begun to become a major problem.  If that has happened to you, you should seek help right away.  If that is not the case yet, you should consider yourself blessed and get treatment before you spiral out of control.

Here are some indications you may need treatment:

  • Work or school are suffering
  • Relationships, family and friends are being affected
  • You feel a “need” for alcohol or drugs
  • You cannot afford bills or your credit is in jeopardy due to substance purchases
  • Your health is declining
  • Your appearance has taken a turn for the worse
  • You are finding your emotions are out of control
  • Emotional disorders are occurring: depression, manic episodes, anger issues
  • You suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are trying to self-medicate

“How Will I Cope Without Drugs or Alcohol?”

During and subsequent to getting into a California treatment center, you may be wondering how you will cope without the substance.  Not only is your body used to the feeling but your mind and emotions have become accustomed to the artificial sense of relief and release that the alcohol or drug seems to be providing.  The key word here is artificial.

Treatment addresses the real problem at its root.  Instead of trying to mask your pain, boredom or emptiness that caused you to turn to substances in the first place, a residential treatment center will discover what those issues are at their core.  This way, you can find true, genuine relief and happiness in life through therapy, temporary closely-monitored prescription medication and solutions that truly work.

The question is not how you will cope after you stop using drugs or alcohol; the question is how long will you survive without completely destroying or losing your life if you do not take action to get better.  Take a cue from the many celebrities who have waited until it was too late to get into rehab; there have even been famous singers who sang out the issue, mocking it, and still drugs and alcohol are taking lives of countless famous and ordinary people every day.

“Why Should I Quit?”

When you are told you should get help and get into treatment or rehab, you will likely be somewhat stubborn or at the very least apprehensive about going through with it.  Why should you take that step?

Your body and your addiction are going to be afraid to make the change.  You need to disregard those feelings and understand that treatment centers are entirely familiar with this process.  They know all of the tricks to help you detox and eventually curb or entirely remove the cravings for substances.  You simply need to let the professionals do what they do, and keep a willing attitude throughout.

Quit for your family, for your own well-being, for a future you may not realize is much brighter than you think; if you are a man or woman of faith, quit for the sake of God and your relationship with Him.

There are too many reasons to quit drugs and alcohol with the help of California treatment centers, and no legitimate reasons not to.  All you have to do is take that first step and go from there.  The choice is yours.  Take the first step today and contact a treatment center!